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Of all the search engines, Lycos is one with the most “flashy,” commecial feel. Some like it, some hate it. In any case, the style seems to appeal to those who like the old “information service” feel (of which AOL is a remnant). That is, Lycos wants to give you the impression that you can find anything you ever wanted to read, look at or buy, just through navigating its internal links. Lycos has agreements with a wide variety of companies who are able to advertise on the front page, or in some cases, actually become embedded in Lycos itself. The search box appears almost as an afterthought in the midst of everything else.

While Lycos is still a giant among the major search engines, and should definitely be submitted to, there is very little good information out there about how to optimize ones pages to target Lycos searches. In addition, Lycos's spider “T-Rex” is infamously inconsistent, often “crawling” through only a small portion of your site. For this reason it is recommended to submit every page you want indexed individually.

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