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Yahoo began more as a directory than a search engine. While Yahoo still maintains its directory, its purchase of Overture has allowed it to index billions of web pages into its search engine. This has placed Yahoo in competition with the industry giant Google.

Unlike Google, Yahoo's home page is very “busy.” There are links to hundreds of pages featuring various products and services. Yahoo also allows users to customize the home page according to personal preferences.

Yahoo's search results are bordered on three sides (top, right and bottom) by 'sponsored links,' which are pulled from Overture's PPC advertising program. Like Google's Ad Words program, advertisers bid against one another to appear at the top of search results and pay on a “per click” basis.

While submission to Yahoo's engine is technically free, there are some cases in which it would be wise to submit URL's to Overture's Site Match Service. These include pages that have dynamic variables (URL's that include special characters such as ?, &, =, etc.) as well as pages that update frequently. Sites submitted to this program are respidered every 48 hours.

Yahoo was the web’s first portal and index of the Internet. Today, it’s the top destination of users, as it offers many services to individuals. Many services and tools are offered free to users of Yahoo who sign up. As Yahoo grows and acquires other companies, their popularity will be sure to follow.

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